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[EN] Brutus : « Looking forward to make some new songs now and see what happens. »

  •  Hi Brutus, which groups do you think inspired you the most ?

Think it’s the classic ones like Sabbath, Leaf Hound, Purple, Grand Funk, Blue Cheer and so on.
Leaf Hound was the band that got me and Krille to decide that this is what we want to do and we started Brutus.


  • What are the feedbacks you received on « Behind the mountains » ?

Have been awesome! Just great reviews and feedbacks. Looking forward to make some new songs now and see what happens.


  •  Your tour just came to an end, did it go well ?

The tour was really good and we had a great time through Italy, Germany, France, Holland, Switzerland. Glad that so many came to the shows even on a Monday or Tuesday.


  •  Do you have specific/special memories from this tour ?

The Roadburn festival was amazing! Got so much great feedback after the show. And we got really drunk and happy times hehe.
Another great night was in Disentis in Swtzerland at some friends from Kim. They got a really small pub & hotel that was totally crowded! A blast.


  • We had the chance to see you at the Stone Rising Festival in Oullins, what did you think of the audience and the concert hall ?

A great night, totally packed and a good vibe through the whole concert. We played quit early but everyone seems to be in good mood. Fun to meet all the great people to. The Socks and Radio Moscow did some really good shows to!


  • It was said in 2013 that you were one of the group to keep an eye on in 2014. The Stone Rising audience seemed to appreciate your performance a lot, are you happy to see that you are getting bigger and bigger in France ?

Definitely wanna come back to France next time!! Had a really good time. Too short hehe.


  • What did you think of the other groups that played along with you ?

Like I said earlier Socks & Radio Moscow was really good.


  • We hear that your rehearsal place burnt just before the tour, did the fans support you ?

Absolutely! We got tears in our eyes to see all fans and other bands that wrote to us.
We made a fund and linked it on our website. Got only an hour before it got like 200 shares and many web magazines wrote about it. A huge thanks to Jens and the Freak Valley crew that put some festivals tickets and share the money with us.


  • What did you do to overcome the equipment loss ?

Was some vintage guitars, amps and drum kit that got loss. So we had some tuff days. Sad about all the memories to from the rehearsal room. Was some of the best locals in Oslo. An old studio that sounded great to record some demos too. But we worked it out and Knut-Ole found a new drum kit on Ebay and we got a really good deal with Orange for new amps and cabs. Got my Les Paul back from a guitar dude in Oslo for some weeks ago. Sounds awesome and really happy that he saved it.


  • We know that you are going back on tour at the end of the summer, will you plan to work on a new album during the break, or would you rather rest ?

We will do some festivals now in August then get back to find a new rehearsal space to record some new songs and demos.


  • Northern country are used to generate many Hard rock, Stoner bands. Since you come from Norway, do you think there is differents ways there ?

Its not so many retro bands like in Sweden but some new band is coming up. The scene is not so big for us here. Much more easy to get a show in Sweden and the rest of Europe.
In Norway you got to have some songs on the radio or in the big magazine before you get some shows.


  • Which group would you recommand to us ?

The most the readers know for now but Horisont, Blues Pills, Enforcer, Black Trip of the new ones.
The more older ones we listen to a lot of Fleetwood Mac (the Kirwan/Green), Free, UFO, Scorpions, Grand Funk, Johnny Winter (RIP) , Banchee, Humple Pie, Judas Priset and more!


  • What do you think of the growing french groups? (The Socks, Mars Red Sky, Aqua Nebula Oscillator…) ?

We meet the Socks and saw there show at the Stone Rising and they did a really great show. Hope to meet them soon again! Haven’t heard of the other ones.


  • It’s promotion time, you have freedom to talk about your products and where to buy them. Have a blast!

We got some new awesome shirts from the legend Alan Forbes that you can buy ! The albums you can get through Svart Records website. And really hope we can release some new shit in the winter or early 2015 !

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